4 Brothers Brewing Beanie — Glassware And Merch In Eagle Farm, QLD


We’ve been known to frequent a few festivals and it’s no secret that Thirsty Merchants was conceived at a local beer festival, so we feel it’s our natural birthplace so to speak! Merchandise is where we started out—we had a burning desire to supply quality merch to a very small, niche market (well it was small at the time!). For the last 6 years, we have worked with some of the leading craft breweries, bars and tap houses in Sydney and across the country. Our creative team is constantly producing printed glassware, barware, merchandise and other promotional products.

No matter what you want your logo on, we’ll get it sorted for you. Feeling thirsty? Drop us a line today to discuss your ideas and creative vision!


The only thing that rivals our love of beer is our love for the environment. When you work with the Thirsty team, rest assured that our products will always offer maximum brand awareness with minimal impact for the environment. We use environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks for all prints, and source high-quality recyclable and biodegradable materials whenever possible. We like to keep all productions local, but you can always count on our team to go above and beyond for you, including sourcing materials from overseas if required.

If you’ve got a unique request in mind, trust Thirsty to get it done with no hassle. Whether it’s creating bespoke items, painting an Instagram-worthy mural or engraving wooden tasting paddles—we’ve done it all. If you are looking for something different for your brewery in Sydney, hit up Thirsty Merchants today and let’s have a chat!

Beer Tasting Tray — Glassware And Merch In Eagle Farm, QLD

Ensure your customers see your branding in every corner of your bar. We can customise high-quality beer glasses through 360° glass printing and laser engraving. Serving clients throughout Sydney!

From custom coasters to engraved tasting paddles and tap holders—we do it all. Whether you’re a brewery, bar or tap house in Sydney, we’ll make sure our barware exceeds your expectations.

Represent your brand with our stunning range of apparel merchandise! From t-shirts to hats, hoodies and bags, we source all our products from AS Colour. Our team can then screen print, embroider or print direct-to-garment.

What’s Our Affiliate Program?

Grow your fanbase with Thirsty Merchants! Apart from supplying you with our range of quality merch and promotional products, our team can also help you set up merch tents at local beer festivals in Sydney.

If you’re looking to expand your market further, enquire about our affiliate program! As a member, we will host and manage an eCommerce website for your merch. This includes taking care of all logistics, such as warehousing, packing, deliveries and so on. Reap the benefits of an online store without spending hours and hours trying to figure out how to run a website. Got some questions? Give us a call, send an email or let’s catch up over a beer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Black And White Printed Shirt — Glassware And Merch In Eagle Farm, QLD

We have some amazing designers working at Thirsty so if you are in need of some help with your merch or custom designs, please let us know.

If it’s a Thirsty shirt you are looking for, there’s a good chance it’s for sale on here (buy our merch) or if it’s a brewery shirt it might be available on our sister site

Most definitely! Drop in or we can catchup online and do a Zoom call. We help a lot of breweries in the early days and can save you a lot of money and heartache when you’re trying to launch your brand.